Safety of our products

Safety, Quality, and Long-lasting Effectiveness

VL parfumi d.o.o hereinafter (“Viksel” or “we”)

We strive to offer safe and effective products and are proud of their continued safety. At Wiksel, we apply the same universal standards of quality and safety throughout the world and fully comply with all regulations of competent institutions that control the ingredients of beauty care and personal care products, as well as their safety. Our customers can use our products with complete confidence.

We are aware of claims that certain cosmetic ingredients are harmful or that certain polluting ingredients are present in trace amounts that are not safe, and certain claims are very cautionary. Rumors about unsafe ingredients spread quickly and people can worry needlessly. An individual or a group of people can very easily misinterpret information or take it out of context.

Only safe ingredients are used in our products. Every ingredient in every product must pass a thorough and official control, and the safety of our products is checked and confirmed before the product is released to the market. The products are European approved, therefore they are very safe. Our multidisciplinary team of experts dealing with this process are very focused on making sure everything is done according to European standards.

It is equally important to emphasize that our experts regularly monitor any new information regarding the safe use of existing ingredients. If we determine through scientific research that an ingredient is no longer safe for use or its use is prohibited by law, Wiksel will discontinue its use.

LAST UPDATED (04/13/2023)

Please read carefully these terms of use for the Wiksel Partner Store (“Partner Store Agreement”). By checking the box, you confirm that you accept the terms of this Representative Store Agreement and that you are acting in accordance with them.

If you do not agree to the terms set forth in this Partner Store Agreement, you are not able to own your own store (as defined below).

For the purposes of this Parterre Store Agreement, the following terms have the meanings specified:

“Viksel Content” means all text, information, data, software, executable code, images, audio or video material in any medium or form provided by Viksel to the Partner Store.

“Viksel Partner” means an individual who agrees, in accordance with the terms of the Viksel Independent Sales Representative Agreement, to be a Viksel Partner, and who remains an active Viksel Sales Partner in good standing.

Viksel Independent Sales Representative Agreement” means the agreement (together with all terms and conditions incorporated therein) between Viksel and a Viksel Sales Partner pursuant to which such individual is appointed as a Viksel Partner.

“Viksel perfumes and perfumed cosmetics” represents the products sold in the Viksel Store.

“Viksel Partner Material” means all text, images, custom or any other information or materials published by a Viksel
Partner on the Viksel Online and Representative Store or any other material communicated by a Viksel Partner to a third party.

Partner Store represents a personalized online store that Viksel authorizes you to create and manage through Viksel Online, any successor site to this site, and all services offered through the aforementioned.

VL2022 group, a representative of Viksel Pafem, a company founded under the laws of Slovenia.

(hereinafter “Viksel”, “we” and “our”) reserves the right to change this Representative Store Agreement, in whole or in part, from time to time at its sole discretion, and to provide you with notice of such change through reasonable means, including without restrictions posting a revised draft of this Partner Agreement on (Viksel Online). Your continued use of the Partner Store or your re-acceptance of this Representative Store Agreement after changes have been posted constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

Partner store

In order to create and use your own Partner Store, you must agree to the terms of the Representative Store Agreement.


If you have an active Partner account number and have no outstanding debts with Viksel, you can open a Partner Store and accept new orders from existing Customers.

If you want to develop your business, Viksel gives you the opportunity to accept new customers through the Partner Store, if:

you do business with Viksel as a partner;

have been active / want to be active;

you have no debt to Viksel.

In recognition of your success as a Viksel partner, you can be listed as a “recommended” representative if:

you do business with Wiksel as a partner;

you were active;

In order to reduce the number of ordering steps and make the ordering process more accessible, if a new customer uses the Viksel WEBSITE for the first time and does not yet have a Wiksel partner/mentor, Viksel will initially recommend a Wiksel partner to the customer. This recommended Wixel partner will be identified through an algorithm, taking into account the objective criteria listed below with details of stakes for each:

Customer rating/recommendation

Satisfaction based on relevant qualified criteria (length of cooperation, campaign activity, average sales and absence of debt)

However, the customer is not obliged in any way to accept the recommended Wiksel partner and the customer is still free to choose the desired Wiksel partner at any time and easily, by clicking on the Wiksel website via the option to choose from the list of alternative Wiksel independent sales representatives in his areas. Also, if the customer already has a desired Viksel partner, he can register and become a partner via his link.

When you subsequently log into your Representative Store, you will receive a notification from Wiksel if you do not meet the requirements. In such event, your use of the Representative Store may be restricted until you become eligible again.

Vixel reserves the right to monitor your Partner Store and the conduct of your online business to determine compliance with this Agreement, and any other agreement between you and Vixel (including, without limitation, the Site Terms of Use and the Vixel Partner Agreement) and all other Vixel policies and procedures. If found to be in violation of this agreement, Wiksel may modify, post, remove or block access to any information or material on or from any part of your Representative Store, in whole or in part; or to terminate your right to have a Partner Store.

Your obligations

To ensure that your use of the Partner Store complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations (including without limitation the Consumer Protection Act and the Personal Data Protection Act);

To use your Viksel business in a solvent, professional and responsible manner;

To comply with all matters relating to your status as a self-employed individual, including appropriate registrations.

To ensure that all written communications relating to Wiksel business comply with the “Code of Conduct” found in the Terms and Conditions on the website, and are civil, polite, professional and business-like, and in accordance with any additional Viksel Guidelines with respect to Viksel Online and its use or those otherwise provided to you.

Business through Viiksel partners

You are solely responsible for all activities conducted through the Vixel Partner Store and you warrant that any information you provide in connection with the use of the Vixel Partner Store is and will remain true, accurate and complete.

You can use your Viksel store exclusively for the promotion, advertising and implementation of your business.

You may not create or post a link to any other site or service from your Viksel Store.

You may not send, transmit or otherwise communicate any unsolicited e-mail messages without the recipient’s knowledge and permission. Any request to receive e-mail messages from you must be honored. Do not post any material that is illegal, offensive to any person, invasive of their privacy, violates any right of privacy or publicity, or infringes any trademark, copyright or other rights.

You are encouraged to promote and advertise your business and your Vixel Store offline, provided you agree to undertake all offline promotions in accordance with the manner described in this Vixel Store Representative Agreement, in accordance with all Vixel Advertising Guidelines, and in accordance with with any other agreement between you and Vixel (including without limitation the Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Vixel Independent Sales Representative Agreement) and any other Vixel policies and procedures.

Your Representative Store includes VIKSEL content. We, our collaborators and/or our and their licensors and suppliers own the VIKSEL Content. Such information and materials are protected by copyright, trademark, patent and/or other proprietary rights and laws. If you accept this Partner Store Agreement, you are permitted to display exclusively through your Partner Store, VIKSEL Content provided to you by VIKSEL for display through the Representative Store. Reproduction, distribution, adaptation, modification, transmission or performance of such VIKSEL content, or use of such content in any other way or for any purpose other than that expressly stated in this agreement, is not permitted. It is also not permitted to rent, lease, license,

All VIKSEL Partner Content is deemed to be represented as “Submissions” in this Affiliate Store Agreement and Website Terms and Conditions.

The design and structure of VIKSEL Online and VIKSEL content and other information and materials available through VIKSEL Online and Partner Stores may change periodically. VIKSEL reserves the right to make such changes at any time without notice.

Customer referral and delivery

Referral of customers.

Wiksel partner is responsible for providing constant and timely services to customers. Customers can place an order at any time through your shopping cart on the site. All orders from you, your customers or partners must go through the site. You will get an explanation for the orders by talking to our technical support team.

Product delivery.

1. Orders can be placed through the web shop or by direct contact with VL2022 group doo. Delivery is made within 5 working days from the day of order confirmation. Order confirmation is delivered to customers via e-mail, after which the products are packed and sent to the address.

Orders and product deliveries are a very important thing in our business, so we will try to get all orders as soon as possible, as well as for them to be delivered to customers in an undamaged condition.

If there is a delay in delivery, we will inform the customer about the new delivery date.

If the customer wants to change the details of the order, it can be done via mail Changes to the order can only be made if the products have not already been sent to the address.

Viksel promotions. Your customer has the right to participate in promotions published by Viksel from time to time, using promotional codes that can be exchanged. In such case, the partner undertakes to cooperate with Viksel to ensure that the conditions of the promotion are respected and that the promotional products are delivered to the customers in a timely manner. Viksel will provide promotional products at no additional cost to the partner.

Data protection and communications

Your personal information.

Viksel values ​​the privacy of its customers and is committed to protecting their personal data, because it is very important to us. Our privacy policy describes how we collect, use and protect customer personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your express consent. Your personal data will be used only for the purpose of executing the order. This information includes name, surname, address, phone number, email, credit card information, etc.

How do we use the information we collect? – All customers leave personal data in order for us to process their orders and provide them with support in connection with the purchase of the desired products. Customer information may also be used to send you marketing notices and promotions, if you have signed up to receive such notices.

How do we protect your data? – We have security measures in place that comply with relevant data protection laws. The data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, and only authorized persons in our company have access to personal data.

Privacy protection is, I emphasize again, extremely important in business. Customers can be sure that all their personal data will remain safe with us! For all additional questions, you can contact us in writing at

Customer/Contact Information.

Persons who provide you with their information (“Contacts”) and/or customers who purchase Wiksel products through your Store (“Customers”) have certain expectations regarding the privacy of their information. Therefore, you agree to keep all personally identifiable information and other information about Customers and Contacts (“Customer/Contact Information”) strictly confidential; do not use Customer/Contact information for any purpose other than to fulfill customer orders and communicate with Customers and Contacts in connection with Viksel business; you do not disclose any Customer/Contact Information to any third party, individually or as a group (for example, in the form of a customer list); comply with the request of customers or contacts to have their Customer/Contact information removed from the Viksel Online platform and/or to be excluded from communications initiated or initiated through Viksel Online. treat all Customer/Contact information in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Viksel reserves the right to comply with any customer or contact request to remove their Customer/Contact information from the Viksel Online platform or exclude them from further communication.

You agree not to send, transmit or otherwise communicate any unsolicited Wixel-related email message to any individual without his/her prior knowledge and consent, or in any other manner that would violate any law, rule or regulation. Without limiting the foregoing: If any Customer, Contact, “line” member, prospective customer, other Wiksel partner, acquaintance, and/or other individual requests to be removed from your Wiksel email mailing list, you agree to notify Vixel on such request without delay (in any event within 48 hours after receipt of such request) and thereafter, you shall not send, transmit or otherwise communicate any email messages to such individual without his/her prior knowledge or consent; and you agree not to distribute Wixel communications through newsgroups, or transmit unsolicited Wixel email messages to individuals using purchased mailing lists, reversible directories, or other lists, without their prior knowledge and consent.

By creating your Viksel online store, you agree that Viksel informs you about Customers and Contacts via text message (SMS) to your mobile phone and through other communication channels that Viksel normally uses to contact you.


Viksel reserves the right to audit your Representative Store and the conduct of your online Viksel business to verify compliance with this Affiliate Agreement and any other agreement between you and Viksel (including without limitation the Website Terms and Conditions and any other Viksel rules and procedures If you are found to be in violation of this Partner Agreement, Viksel may modify, post, remove or block access to any information or materials on part or all of your Partner Store, or terminate your right to own an online Store.

However, if you choose to cancel your Affiliate Online Store, Viksel will delete all Customer and Contact information you have collected and stored within the Affiliate Store, in accordance with our Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Viksel reserves the right to change the terms of this Partner Store Agreement at any time and without prior notice. If you do not agree with the changes, you have the right to cancel the Partner Store within 15 days from the day of notification of the changes. Continued use of the Representative Store after the 15-day period will signify your agreement to the changed terms.

Please understand that your compliance with this Partner Store Agreement is essential to maintaining the integrity and reputation of Viksel. Thank you for being part of the Viksel team and thank you for your efforts to create a successful and ethical business as a Viksel partner.

In no event will Viksel be liable for any incidental, indirect, loss of profit, special or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use Viksel Online and/or the Representative Store, even if Viksel or an authorized representative of Viksel is aware of the possibility of such occurrence. such damages. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In no event shall Viksel’s aggregate liability to you for all damages, losses and causes of action (in contract or otherwise) exceed the amount paid by you, if any, for use of or access to Viksel Online and/or Partner stores.


Viksel Online is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of title, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose. Wiksel makes no warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or competence of any material located or accessible through Wiksel Online. Any reliance on or use of such material is solely at your own risk. VIKSEL does not guarantee that Viksel Online is available regularly or that it will be without interruptions or errors, that defects will be corrected, or that Viksel Online and the servers on which it is located are free of viruses and other harmful components. Applicable law may exclude such implied warranties, so the above exclusion does not apply to you.

Applicable law

The Viksel Store Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia, regardless of conflicts of legal principles. You agree that any dispute or claim arising from this Agreement regarding the Viksel Store or your access to or use of Viksel Online will be resolved only in the competent courts of the Republic of Slovenia.

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