Products from a European manufacturer

Our company cares about its customers and partners, so each of our products designed in accordance with all requirements of safety and environmental friendliness, to all European quality standards. Our Products passed all necessary researches and analyses and meets the highest requirements of European Union. Our Products – Quality. Our Products – Your Safety.
All components of our products have European certification 

Our cosmetic products have Cosmetic Safety Assessments/Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and are notified in CPNP

Our company has established and implemented GMP in accordance with ISO 27716

Marketing Plan

When creating the Marketing Plan the founders of VL were guided by principles that contribute to the development of the internal potential of new distributors, so that such partners join the company they need to provide a decent remuneration, attractive career development and interesting cooperation. This Marketing Plan is not only stable, but also balanced, which ensures, in turn, financial stability and security in the future of each partner of the company. Spending some time for promotion and development of your business and investing your personal energy into this, you are rewarded with a stably developing perspective and profitable business. Joining our team you get a complete and detailed working system, a quality product, education and training, assistance and support in creating your own business!

Our philosophy

Our mission – to make an elite perfume of European quality and premium cosmetics available to everyone.